stalactite cave in Essing im Altmühltal Wasserbecken stalactite cave in Essing im Altmühltal Wasserbecken stalactite cave in Essing im Altmühltal

"Schulerloch" stalactite cave

in Essing / Oberau in the national park Altmuehl valley


4 km from Kelheim Flagge in the direction of Riedenburg Flagge. Cave entrance is 400 m above sea-level.


Cave inhabited by Neanderthal man and by animals of Ice Age, unusual stalactite formations, large caverns; significant archaeological finds are on exhibition at the cave.


level, easy to walk through, sanded path, electric lighting. Cave length 420 m, largest cave floor area 793 m² humidity about 80 %, constant temperature 9 °C (please bring a jacket)

Route to the cave:

It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the bus park to the stalactite cave, on a footpath through deciduous woodland with viewing points. There is a height difference of 50 m, which makes it difficult for the physically handicapped.

Guided tours:

Viewing is only possible with a guided tour. The visitors are individually and competently introduced. A microfone system is available for large groups. You are able to enjoy the impressive acoustics during a short music performance at every tour. Guided tours take place daily, every half-an-hour, and take 20-30 minutes. Groups which make the journey by bus are given guided tours already from 9 a.m. and outside of opening hours by arrangement.

The Schulerloch is closed in winter to protect the bat population.

Rock engraving:

The small Schulerloch is not open to tourists. The exeptional feature about this remotedly located cavern is a rock engraving. A cast of the engraving is on display at the Stalactite cave, with the colour and size exactly the same as the original.

Conservation area:

Grasses, flowers, trees, rocks are protected! Please help to keep the countryside clean! Only photography without flash is allowed in the caves. Flashlight encourages the growth of unwanted algae.

Schulerloch Stalactite Cave
Oberau 2
93343 Essing
Tel.Nr.: 09441/1796778

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