Herzog Tassilo von Bayern im Kloster Weltenburg

The Blind Honk in Weltenburg Abbey

at Kelheim in the national park Altmuehl valley

One day, when Emperor Charlemagne resided in Ratisbon, at that time capital of Bavaria, he rode upstream to Weltenburg Flagge with a large number of attendants. The abbot and all the monks welcomed him with due respect. Only one monk was not present, blind Romuald, whom the abbot had dispensed with all duties because of the turmoil and bustle.
However, when dinner was served, Romuald came in. His blind eyes stared in the direction where the emperor and the abbot were talking.
After some time the emperor began to fix his mind on the monk. He wondered whether he had seen the face of the monk before, and so he inquired after name and fate of the blind monk.
"We don´t know either", answered the abbot. "One day he came from Lorch Abbey, led by two friars, and asked for admittance. In the letter he showed to me, I could read: Never ask about his name! Be edified by his virtues!"
The emperor was somehow disturbed and he did not enjoy the meal any longer.
In the night, when Charlemagne was standing at the window, he suddenly remembered the founder of the abbey, Tassilo, the last duke of Bavaria. The emperor was tormented by bad conscience. He remembered the day when he had ordered to burn out Tassilo´s eyes, and had bereaved him of his dukedom and sentenced to lifelong confinement in a monastery. Tassilo had even been separated from wife and children.
At midnight Charlmagne heard a squeaking door and shuffling steps. When he opened his door and looked down the corridor he was frightened at the sight of the blind monk in a blaze of light, accompanied by a shining young man.
They went slowly downstairs to the convent church, and the emperor followed them secretly. Romuald knelt down in front of the high altar and began to pray: "God Almighty, forgive my enemy what he has done to me, to my wife, my sons, my daughters. Help us to bear our burden. Protect my country, and give the emperor the ability to rule it wisely."
The emperor recognized Tassilo whom he had so cruelly exposed to misery. He knelt down and hid his face behind his hands. After a while he rose, went to the altar and threw himself at Tassilo´s feet: "Tassilo, holy man, forgive me. I shall install you as duke of Bavaria".
But the blind man shook his head and answered: "You have robbed me of everything. But there is one thing you have given me - peace of mind. Rule my country! And let me go to Lorch Abbey and to my eternal home".
And so it took place as he had wished.
Every year on December, 11th, the day of his death, Tassilo appears in the convent church of Weltenburg. At the altar he throws himself down and prays for Bavaria and its people.

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