largest cluster of rock-crystal in Riedenburg im Altmühltal

The Crystal Museum

in Riedenburg in the national park Altmuehl valley

Who would not like to have a look into the depths of the earth where in secret darkness crystals form, where gems sparkle and all kinds of minerals band together. We don´t know very much about this peculiar world deep below us; with inattention do we tread on soil that hides the most beautiful crystals.
In the Crystal Museum the visitor can have a look at the realm of minerals. On exhibition is the largest cluster of rock-crystal Flagge found in America. There are also colourful and bright turmalines, various pieces of shining siver-ore and the biggest emerald crystal found in the Tauern Mountains in Austria.
A special attraction is the world´s largest collection of famous historic diamonds (copies); adventurous stories about crown jewels or solitaires of ill-reputed scarlet women and about the fantastic value of such jewels can be heard.
Informaton is given about Hildegard von Bingen, a medieval sage, author, visionary and medical practitioner, who was officially canonized in the 12th century. St. Hildegard is said to have discovered the healing power of gems. There is also a special exhibition of amber.
In the museum there is a gift shop where a variety of genuine gems and minerals are on sale.

Kristallmuseum Riedenburg
Bergkristallstr. 1
93339 Riedenburg
Tel.Nr.: 09442/90030
Fax.Nr.: 09442/90031

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